Plan B at Ipoh.

Assalamualaykum & hie!

You know what I find myself doing these past few days? 

Searching & googling for new cafes. I've listed out too many cafes (wish places to go) for this upcoming semester break. Someone plis join me. Haha!

Plan B is now at Ipoh! So we ( my friends & I) sempat pergi masa cuti sem yg lepas. Walau poket makin nipis, tapi gagah jugak. Kekeke! Thanks my sweetie girlfriend sebab suggest & bring me here! hehe. Simply, their decoration is modern in their way. but, I love it so much! Plan B is more to modern-classic (tough to explain. lol) & suit for those yg suka kan kafe yg jauh lebih tenang, especially when you prefer somewhere airy & spacious. Banyak sangat pilihan tempat duduk. In and out. Sampai tak tahu nak pilih duduk mana.

Ohh emmm emm so here some pictures! :)

Enjoying my cappuccino. Good taste!

Menu. Variety.

Awesome outside look

Olio Pasta (RM15.00)

Chocolate Bar (RM10.00)

Mocha (RM8.00)

Cappuccino (RM8.00)

Luar Plan B.

Sebelah Plan B. Hehe old look library!

Haa, one more! Im so sorry because no pictures of heavy foods. We just prefer to taste the dessert only. And unfortunately, theres no choices sangat for cakes. Banyak dah habis. wuuwuu. Nevertheless, their food is quite delicious & look yums! :D But but... I think their services should be upgrade. hehee....

Address: 75 Jalan Panglima, Ipoh. (Sebelah Burps & Giggles)
Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs 9am – 10pm.  

Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holiday 9am – 12am.

So, I really hope this post will help you a little bit more about some cafes in Ipoh. Thank you for reading! :)

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